Which credit card for New York travel?

Are you planning a trip to the world metropolis of New York, the city that never sleeps? Then you should find out in good time whether a credit card or other payment option will be the right method of payment for you in New York. See http://www.calculatordebtconsolidation.com/payday-loan-debt-relief-reviews/ for the scoop

The credit card: the must-have payment method of New Yorkers also perfect for tourists?

The credit card: the must-have payment method of New Yorkers also perfect for tourists?

The credit card is one of the most popular payment methods across the United States. For this reason, acceptance of credit cards is widespread in the United States, especially in lively and heavily populated New York. All major credit cards are accepted as a means of payment in almost every store. You can make cashless payments in fast food chains, boutiques, supermarkets, flower shops, car rentals and even at ticket counters for buses and metros. In most cases, even taxi drivers have a scanner. If you call the classic yellow cap, this is standard.

Regardless of whether you have already paid for your trip or your hotel at home or are paying on-site with or without a reservation, a credit card is required in almost every hotel in New York. At the reception it is common for a blank deduction from the credit card as a so-called voucher. This is used either to be able to subsequently enter costs that could arise from an unpunctual check-out or if you have caused damage to your hotel room. Where hotel bars are integrated, the voucher is regarded as security for covering the settlement at the end of your stay. The same practice mostly uses car rental companies. This procedure is usually not seen in motels, but again when making reservations for events such as tickets for concerts, operas or the like.

You can easily get cash at ATMs. As a rule, every major bank branch has an ATM. If you are unable to cope with it due to possible language difficulties, you can also withdraw cash at most banks with your credit card and a valid passport at the counter. So you can keep it like the New Yorker, who usually has no more than a few US dollars in his pocket and pays everywhere with a credit card, if necessary also his daily newspaper from the kiosk for a few cents.

They are accepted almost everywhere. But every card for credit payments convinces with different additional services. For example, American Express offers supplementary travel insurance free of charge, while flight points can be collected with Diners Club. Visa and Mastercard have a very good insurance system with which you can easily be reimbursed for losses if your card has been misused, for example, theft or copying of the data, and you have suffered financial damage.

The question of the suitable card for cashless payments is answered in one point with the fees for withdrawals abroad. These depend on your house bank and vary between free up to 8 USD and more for a transaction. Some banks also charge a currency exchange fee because you only receive US $ at ATMs in the United States and cashless payments are also settled in the local currency. These can quickly make up up to 5 percent of the total.

Other means of payment for your stay in New York

Other means of payment for your stay in New York

Especially for foreign countries, the so-called prepaid credit cards from Visa and Mastercard are usually shown, for which the issued bank usually charges the highest fees. However, the prepaid credit cards have the advantage of controlling costs because you can only withdraw what is available as credit on your prepaid card. In the event of theft, the damage would be limited, while regular credit cards can be withdrawn by third parties until you block them or a credit limit that may have been set has been reached.

A little cumbersome, but secure, are travelers checks, which are issued by the house bank in the desired value and in the US national currency. However, they must be redeemed at bank counters upon presentation of a passport. The signature must be made in front of the bank employee. So you can always change smaller amounts and have no large sums in the hotel.

The Maestro mark is attached to numerous cash withdrawals in New York, where you can also withdraw money with your conventional EC bank card. However, this payment method is rarely accepted in New York stores and hotels.

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